Connected Course: Introduction

This is an introductory post for the connected course taking place at

My name is Paul-Olivier Dehaye, I am a research mathematician in Zurich. I have taught for close to 15 years at university level, and two years ago started investing time in online education. Last year I taught a Programming in python SPOC and Teaching goes massive: New skills required on Coursera, as well as supervising several edtech projects with students. I am rerunning the python SPOC in the Fall 2014.

This course seems to match my interests very closely, and I am looking forward to relating the themes explored in the course with my own experiences in higher education. I am hoping to learn a lot, contribute positively to the discussion, and maybe get some peer feedback. Of particular resonance to me are issues of silos, faculty autonomy and independence, vulnerability (of students and instructor), censorship, data privacy, ethics and co-discovery (in addition to co-learning).

I am also interested in the community of this course itself: are there marked differences between STEM and other fields? How to make STEM higher ed professors at research institutions understand the importance of those issues? How to communicate that bad decisions now could significantly affect the future of their profession?

Due to personal reasons, I am not entirely sure of how sustained my effort in the course will be, but will do my best!

I am participating in this course as an individual, a student seeking to learn more, and not acting as a representative of my employer. Undoubtedly though what I learn here I will seek to reapply in my professional life. Should you have any question about my motivation in participating in this course, please ask me below or in private. Thanks!