U Colorado system Coursera contract

Over at his blog, Jonathan Rees discusses the decision of the Colorado State University in Fort Collins to switch LMSes, from Blackboard to Canvas.

He makes sly references to the fact that this blog post starts hitting very close to his own "home", since he is working himself at Colorado State University - Pueblo.

In a previous post on the Coursera contracts, I gathered together all the Coursera contracts that I could find online. This was in fact partly a response to repeated appeals he has done in the past for faculty to speak up across universities (see first line of this post).

One of those contracts was from the University of Colorado system, it is here. I was wondering how the decision was taken in Colorado of joining Coursera in the first place, and if faculty were consulted on this. The comments are below, feel free to contribute (even anonymously if you would like).

Now, I was also wondering how he (and other professors and administrators) would react to this present post, over which he has no control (and we haven't discussed this beforehand).

To increase likelihood that someone would respond, I also posted a comment on his blog sending readers here.